Tools of Survival
Tools of Survival
User Frank West
Damage 80,000 ~ 200,000
Execution (air) Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Properties Strike, Soft Knockdown, Hard Knockdown, OTG, Ground Bounce, Wall Bounce

Frank will utilize one of his many weapons.

Attack Power Description
Attack light Frank pulls out a plunger, broom, or paddlesaw for some rapid-fire jabs. Can be done in midair.
Attack medium Frank pulls out and swings a baseball bat, a spiked bat, or a chainsaw which causes a wallbounce.
Attack h Frank pulls out a fireaxe, a sledgehammer, or the Defiler and swings it downwards, causing a ground bounce and hits OTG. 


  • A loop can be used to level up Frank from level 1 to potentially level 3 by using the Tools of Survival L.
  • Combo extension with the Tools of Survivial H is commonly used in level 1.