User Frank West
Damage 10,000
Execution (air) Arcade Stick QCF+Special
Properties Projectile, OTG, Levels up Frank

—Frank taking a snapshot

Snapshot is a special move used by Frank West. When used, Frank will hold out his camera and take a picture, causing nearby opponents to be stunned for a second. Snapshot also helps Frank to level up and increase his moveset as well as change his weapons. The higher a combo Frank performs, the faster Frank will level up his abilities as long as he takes a picture. When he takes a picture, he recovers his red health.

Level Hits needed Description
1 N/A Decent ranged normals, special moves are not that powerful
2 5 Gains access to Barrel Roll and Roundhouse Kick
3 20 Gains access to Funny Face Crusher
4 50 Normals chip
5 100 Gains a 10% power boost


  • After an Air Combo, Frank can use Snapshot to OTG the opponent, leaving them vulnerable to either an Assist or his Survival Techniques Hyper. However, certain Assists such as Dante's Jam Session will leave them in enough hitstun for Frank to get another Snapshot in, allow him to level up twice in one combo when performed in Level 1.


  • In TvC, this served both as Frank's taunt and assist. While as a taunt, it did nothing but as a assist, it caused a quick stun to the opponent.