Giant Swing
Giant Swing
User Frank West

~4.783 (TvC)

~100,000 (UMvC3)


Hcb+Attack button (TvC)

Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button (UMvC3)


Grab (TvC), Soft Knockdown (TvC; if Frank grabs a Zombie)

Soft Knockdown (UMvC3)

"Gotcha! Woah-whoah-whoah, YEAH!"
—Frank West (TvC)

"So long!"
—Frank West (UMvC3)

Gameplay (TvC)Edit

Frank's command grab. Frank will grab his enemy and spin them around (counts it as 6 hits). Each version has different damage outputs. Frank can also grab any nerby summoned zombie in which they damage the foe during the swinging motions while they become a projectile during the toss animation.

Attack Power Description
Attack light 6 Hits, 4.783 Damage
Attack medium 6 Hits, 6.089 Damage
Attack h 6 Hits, 7.654 Damage

Gameplay (UMvC3)Edit

A variation of his Great Swing throw from TvC (where Frank could use his command throw move on an onscreen zombie), a zombie attempts to attack Frank, but Frank grabs the zombie by its legs and swings it, spinning around against the opponent before throwing it.

Attack Power Description
Attack light Shortest distance, fastest
Attack medium Middle of the three
Attack h Longest distance, slowest


  • In UMvC3, this move is useful in negating push blocking.