Barrel Roll
Barrel Roll
User Frank West
Damage 0

Arcade-Stick-Down Arcade-Stick-Down+ Attack h (TvC)

Attack button+Special (UMvC3)

Properties Projectile Invunerable

"Look out!"
—Frank West

In TvC:

Frank does a quick dive roll across the screen. This is an evasive move used to avoid incoming attacks and get in on the opponent. The light version dives forward, the medium version dives forward and through the opponent (and non-beam projectiles), and the hard version dives away from the opponent. Frank is completely invulnerable during the roll, but is vulnerable for a short period afterwards as he crouches.

In UMvC3:

Frank performs a quick diving roll that tracks towards the opponent. While rolling, Frank West is invulnerable to all but grabs. He can perform this move once he's level 2 or higher. In TvC, this is a rather underused move. Unlike in Dead Rising and like in TvC, Frank recovers fast from this move. It always rolls towards the opponent.